Sunday 20th November 2022

New releases from Guranfoe and Perhaps Contraption, and music from Decor, Nik Turner, taupe, Horse Lords, IQ, Cyriak, Soft Machine, Zach Hill and more

ORS 13th November 2022

Introducing Taupe and Decor, plus The Muffins, Hella, Miriodor, Her Stems Spiral, a-tota-so, Cheer-Accident, Cthulhu Rise and more

ORS 6th November 2022

With Hella, Ghost Rhythms, A Formal Horse, Kayo Dot, ELP and new music from Drill For Absentee

ORS 30th October 2022

Spooky sounds including Chromb! Zachary Detrick, Enablers, and new releases from David Yow and Yowie, Upright Forms, Craig Fortnam, and Miriodor

ORS 23rd October 2022

Another new track from Honey Ride Me A Goat, plus Macula Dog, Nnamdi, 5UUs, Gazelle Twin and Zap Black & the Sixth Century Future Recovery Group and more

ORS 25th September 2022

Exclusive track from the forthcoming Skin Graft Records ‘Sounds To Make You Shudder!’ album from avant duo Terms, a sneak preview of a future album from Honey Ride Me A Goat, plus new releases from Enablers and Titan to Tachyons, Stephen Becker, and more

ORS 18th September 2022

Returning with debut tracks from un.procedure, Zap Black and the Sixth Century Future Recovery Group, USA Nails, My Octopus Mind, Jambinai, Mikado Koko and Penny Rimbaud, UTO, Moon Letters plus Mary Halvorsen’s Thumbscrew, Extra Life, a-tota-so, and Zachary Detrick.

ORS 26th June 2022

New microtonal avant electronica from Fastfast, and music from black midi, Balungan, Bess of Bedlam, Cheer-Accident, Upsilon Acrux, Bubblemath, Yang and more

ORS 19th June 2022

Introducing the Robocobra Quartet, plus a classic from Extra Life and music from Jostaberry, Thumpermonkey, Ou, Etron Fou Leloublan, Ring, Birth, Coccyx and more

ORS 12th June 2022

With Pili Coit, Dom Salad, Tess Tyler, Gentle Giant, Psychoyogi, a-tota-so, Poil, High Castle Teleorkestsra and more

ORS 29th May 2022

Previewing the new album from High Castle Teleorkestra plus new releases from Curlew, Gerald, Ou, Coccyx, Cabo Boing, Balungan and more

ORS 22nd May 2022

Remembering Vangelis, plus music from Ou, The Eerie, Cal Folger Day, Thinking Plague, The Molecules, the 5UUs and the High Castle Teleorkestra

ORS 15th May 2022

A first play for London bands The Eerie and Farmer plus Congotronics International, Saajtak, black midi, Gerald, Hats off Gentlemen It’s Adequate, and more

ORS 8th May 2022

New releases from Cal Folger Day, Mary Halvorson, Balungan, Bubblemath, Bess of Bedlam, plus The Locust

ORS 1st May 2022

With Odd Fiction, Knekklectric, Danny Elfman, the Gorge Trio, Wizards of Twiddly, and remembering Klaus Schulze

ORS 24th April 2022

Introducing Chinese math rock band Foster Parents, new releases from Knekklectric and Bess of Bedlam, and music from Billie Bottle, Feast of the Epiphany, Sea Nymphs, Miriodor, Bubblemath and more

ORS 17th April 2022

Another chance to hear the 5/4 special first broadcast in Feb, with In-Dreamview, Univers Zero, Hashashin, Wyzx, Cardiacs, Ruins, a-tota-so, Perhaps Contraption and more

ORS 10th April 2022

Music for spring from Mr Bungle, Melt Banana, Cthulhu Rise, Cardiacs, Sang Froid, Cabo Boing, Polyphia, Egg, The Wizards of Twiddly, the Laze and more

ORS 3rd April 2022

With World Sanguine Report, Bess of Bedlam, Voronoi, A Formal Horse, The Evil Usses, Genesis, Doom Salad, and more

ORS 27th March 2022

Introducing new bands Zachary Detrick’s Filibuster Saloon, Sexual Jeremy plus tunes from the 5UUs, Cheer-Accident, Upsilon Acrux, Genesis, Mahogany Frog, Yang and more…

ORS 20th March 2022

Featuring tracks from Nnamdi, Out Ink, a-tota-so, Knekklectric, Pom Poko, Toby Driver, black midi, National Diet, Bob Drake

ORS 13th March 2022

With music from Yang, Jostaberry, Cthulhu Rise, Charlotte Greve, Alora Crucible, Seas of Mirth, Bondo vs Me And My Friends, Yowie, Soft Machine and more…

ORS 6th March 2022

International Women’s Day Special featuring compositions and performances from Ava Mendoza, Spaltmeter, Charlotte Greve, Hidden People, Wendy Eisenberg, Gazelle Twin, Deerhoof, and more – and introducing Ukrainian riot grrl trio Death Pill

ORS 27th February 2022

Music from Seas of Mirth, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Van Der Graaf Generator, black midi, Honey Ride Me A Goat, OUt iNK, 4 Bonjour’s Parties, Time of Orchids, Très, Blindfolded and Led to the Woods, Cheer-Accident and introducing Yang

ORS 13th February 2022

With an exclusive track from the forthcoming Cheer-Accident album ‘Here Comes the Sunset’, plus music from black midi, 5UUS, a-tota-so, Nnamdi, Van Der Graaf Generator, Tryon, and more

ORS 20th February 2022

This week is about music in 5/4 and variations on five, and includes tracks from Cardiacs, Ruins, A Suitable Case for Treatment, Hashashin, Psychoyogi, Univers Zero, A Formal Horse, Perhaps Contraption and more…

ORS 6th February 2022

This week features music from Black Midi, Pom Poko, Kayo Dot, Gosta Berlings Saga, Koenjihyakkei, Pretend, Arcing Wires, SEIMS, Luo and more

ORS 23rd January 2022

Rounding up new and recent releases and new bands, with tracks from Cardiacs, Radon Chong, Arcing Wires, Kuunatic, Schleu, Craft, A Straw Assembly, Happy The Man, Imagination School, Enablers and more

ORS 30th January 2022

Featuring tracks from Jostaberry, Ni, the 5UUs, Flying Luttenbachers, USSSY, Mark Holub, Van Der Graaf Generator, Cheer-Accident, the Unstoppable Sweeties Show and Bob Drake, and introducing Tochiro and Lac

ORS 16th January 2022

A global look at new bands and releases, introducing Arcing Wires, National Diet, Undo K From Hot, Schleu, We Broke The Weather and Nonlocal Forecast, plus more

ORS 9th January 2022

Happy new year! Continuing our look back at some of the highlights of last year, with The Flying Luttenbachers, Poil/Ueda, Steiger, Alex Ward, Kayo Dot, Sun Colored Chair, Birth and more

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