Other Rock Show history

The Other Rock Show is the half of the Organ Hour that’s obsessed with unusual/odd time signatures, rhythmic complexity and shifting beats. ORS has been a show on Resonance 104.4 FM since October 2002… Here’s the very first playlist:

Playlist Oct 5th 2002

INTRO: Phantomsmasher – Bishop Hopping

Dillinger Escape Plan – Sugar Coated Sour

Nought – Heart Stops Twice

5UUs – Hot & Cold Frog

Lapsus Linguae – Sheer Animal Magic

Magma – Kobah

Ruins – Heraklion

Arab On Radar – Di To Solve Pi

Cheer Accident – Filet Of Nod

Gentle Giant – Cogs In Cogs

Mastodon – Crusher Destroyer

Mr Bungle – Phlegmatics

Sikth – How May I Help You?

Cardiacs – Breakfast Line

Sicbay – Felsenmeer

Sweep The Leg Johnny – Fineline Wrinkles

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