Contact the Other Rock Show

The Other Rock Show is curated and presented by Marina Organ, with masses of valuable research from Sean Organ. Thanks too to various music-obsessed persons around the globe for leads and pointers towards the brave and unusual.

If you want to submit music for consideration, please email me for more information at [marine creature 23 at aol dot com] (remove spaces, brackets, add @ sign for address). Tour and release news is also very welcome.
If you wish to send physical releases on CD please use the Resonance FM address:
Marina / Other Rock Show
Resonance FM
144 Borough High Street
United Kingdom
Lovely as vinyl is, please don’t go to the expense and trouble – CD or a good quality mp3 is great.

Please remember the Other Rock Show is about unusually structured music! That means compositions must have:
– at least a few bars of non-standard (non 4/4) rhythm going on…
– or good use of odd verse lengths (Pixes do it a lot…’Hey Ya’ by Outkast is a mainstream example!)…
– or extreme use of tempo change (surprisingly rare across all genres)

Aside from that remit, the style can stretch the idea of rock into orchestral, jazz, electronic, pop, noise, punk… but this is ‘structured’, composed music, stuff that can in theory be played by a band, rather than pure improv.

This blog/site is intended to make it as easy as possible for people to find, enjoy, follow, stalk and generally enhance/ruin their lives obsessing about at least some the bands played on the show. This stuff may not be quite as rare as rocking horse poo these days, but there’s still 1000 bands for each one of them. And the music is more often than not the product of a bunch of beautiful and talented outsiders who need all the help they can get to carry on making it.

You, a tiny venue, twenty people going nuts , something amazing onstage. Is there anything more romantic?

12 responses to “Contact the Other Rock Show

  1. i just love that kind of weird , well thought through stuff …
    good work … creative spirits in action …thanks Organ + Sean for keeping our brains ticking …
    d: )

  2. All the soundcloud links are dead. Is there a possibility to upload those again?

  3. just wanted to know how to find some music from dominique eoni (heony)
    heard it the other day but don’t even know how to spell his name … can someone help …?

  4. I’d like to know the name of a song from the 13 th Septemper. The last song before the outro (Sterbus).

  5. I’ve just noticed that you publish tracklists, but I would love The other rock show even more if you mentioned, in the show, the name of the track you played rather than just the bands name. Sorry to be finicky.

  6. Just heard The Diamond Family Archive. Terry Riley meets Roy Harper! Well worth a listen.

  7. Hi, i hope you will read this. Is there another updated site?
    i would be happy about current playlists.

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