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Other Rock Show playlist – October 30th 2016

The Other Rock Show title
Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 30th October 2016 on Resonance 104.4 FM

With very special guest presenter, Mr Sterile from Mr Sterile Assembly!

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: SABOT – “They”
2: LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS – “The Awful Unpleasant Consequences”
3: ZOO – “Kita Ini”
4: CHROMB – “Bobby” (Dur et Doux)
5: MR STERILE ASSEMBLY – “100% Hillary”
7: UZ JSME DOMA – “Stropy (Ceilings)”
8: CARDIACS – “To Go Off And Things (live at Fetcham Riverside 1986 bootleg)”
9: THE SEA NYMPHS – “Cut Yourself Kidding” (Alphabet)
10: GOSTA BERLING SAGA – “Svarta_Hal_Elljusspar”

OUTRO: MR STERILE ASSEMBLY – “Jesus Heals The Blind” (excerpt)”


Sabot: www.cesta.cz/sabot!.htm

Lovely Little Girls: lovelylittlegirls.bandcamp.com

Zoo: zoo-indonesia.blogspot.co.uk/p/diskografi.html www.auditionrecords.com/ar090.php

Chromb: chromb.bandcamp.com/album/1000

Mr Sterile Assembly: mrsterileassembly.bandcamp.com/album/its-all-over

Uz Jsme Doma: www.uzjsmedoma.cz/en/music

Degenerate Art Ensemble: degenerateartensemble.bandcamp.com

Cardiacs and Sea Nymphs: www.cardiacs.net

Gösta Berlings Saga: www.facebook.com/gostaberlingssaga

Other Rock Show playlist – October 9th 2016

The Other Rock Show title
Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 9th October 2016 on Resonance 104.4 FM

This show will be repeated on Sunday October 16th

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: CHROMB – “Des Francis en quinconce” (Dur Et Doux)
2: SEVEN IMPALE – “” (Karisma)
3: CLOUD BECOMES YOUR HAND – “Garden of the Ape”
4: CARDIACS – “Come Back Clammy Lammy” (Alphabet)
5: BOB DRAKE – “Recreational Guide To The Solar System”
6: THE BOB LAZAR STORY – “Westminster”
7: MR STERILE ASSEMBLY – “Know No Superman”
8: ART BEARS – “Democracy”
9: SICBAY – “Who Wrote The Night?” (Obtuse Mule)
10: YOWIE – “Trina”

OUTRO: CHROMB< – “Bobby” (excerpt)”


Chromb: chromb.bandcamp.com/album/1000

Seven Impale: sevenimpale.bandcamp.com/album/contrapasso

Cloud Becomes Your Hand: cloudbecomesyourhand.bandcamp.com/album/rest-in-fleas

Cardiacs and Sea Nymphs: www.cardiacs.net

Bob Drake: bdstudio.bandcamp.com/album/2-tracks-from-each-of-my-first-8-solo-albums-1994-2014

The Bob Lazar Story: theboblazarstory.bandcamp.com/album/ghost-of-foodstool

Mr Sterile Assembly: mrsterileassembly.bandcamp.com/album/its-all-over

Sicbay: modernradio.bandcamp.com/album/firelit-scoughs

Yowie: www.skingraftrecords.com/bandhtmlpages/yowie.html

Other Rock Show playlist – Sunday 11th September 2016

The Other Rock Show title
Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 11th September 2016 on Resonance 104.4 FM

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: OORT SMOG – “Fear”
2: UPSILON ACRUX – “Zerpents”
3: BONZO DOG DOO DAH BAND – “We Are Normal”
4: MR BUNGLE – “Carry Stress In The Jaw” (Ipecac)
5: CARDIACS – “A Wooden Fish On Wheels” (Alphabet)
6: CARL KING – “Mr Bungle Orchestral (WIP)”
7: LITE – “Else”
8: NORTH SEA RADIO ORCHESTRA – “Dinosaurus Rex Part2”
9: GRYPHON – “Ethelion” (Progressive Records)
10: KIMARA SAJN – “Home Of The Brave”

OUTRO: THE SEA NYMPHS/strong> – “Awake” (excerpt)”


Oort Smog: oortsmog.bandcamp.com/

Upsilon Acrux: UA on New Atlantis Records
UA on Cuneiform Records

Bonzo Dog Band
: www.facebook.com/pages/THREE-BONZOS-AND-A-PIANO/477512120421

Mr Bungle
: Mr Bungle on Facebook

Cardiacs and Sea Nymphs: www.cardiacs.net

North Sea Radio Orchestra: www.nsro.co.uk

Kimara Sajn : www.precognitiverecords.com

Other Rock Show Playlist – September 4th 2016

The Other Rock Show title
Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 31st July 2016 on Resonance 104.4 FM

More info to come… here’s the basics

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: THE SEA NYMPHS – “After”
2: LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS – “Delicate Moisture”
3: CARDIACS – “The Breakfast Line”
4: TOBY DRIVER – “Horroca” (Tzadik)
6: EGG – “Long Piece No 3 (Pt 4)”
9: MELT BANANA – “Rough Dogs Have Bumps”
10: GRYPHON – “”
11: WILLIAM D DRAKE – “Lawrence”

OUTRO: UPSILON ACRUX – “” (excerpt)”


The Sea Nymphs: www.cardiacs.net/news/

Lovely Little Girls: lovelylittlegirls.bandcamp.com

Koenjihyakkei: www.skingraftrecords.com/bandhtmlpages/koenjipg.html

Gryphon: www.gaudela.net/gryphon

: www.skingraftrecords.com/bandhtmlpages/meltban.html

Flying Luttenbachers, Koenjihyakkei, Cellular Chaos and many more free audio samples: www.skingraftrecords.com/audio.html

Other Rock Show Playlist – July 3rd 2016

The Other Rock Show title
Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 3rd July 2016 on Resonance 104.4 FM

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: MANY ARMS – “Purple Better One”
2: MOUSE ON THE KEYS – “Spectres De Mouse”
4: SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM – “The Donkey Headed Adversary of Humanity Opens The Discussion” (The End)
5: LAPSUS LINGUAE – “Nashnul Bakeoff”
6: KNIFEWORLD – “HMS Washout” (Believer’s Roast)
7: THE GASMAN – “Tymetix”
8: EPIQ – “”
9: CARDIACS – “Too Go Off And Things” (Alphabet)

OUTRO: ELP – “” (excerpt)”

Many Arms: manyarms.bandcamp.com/album/palabras-malas

Mouse On The Keys: mouseonthekeys.net

Degenerate Art Ensemble: degenerateartensemble.bandcamp.com/album/degenerate-song-collection-ep

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum sleepytimegorillamuseum.bandcamp.com

Knifeworld: knifeworld.bandcamp.com/track/hms-washout-2

The Gasman: thegasman.bandcamp.com/album/inept-whoop

Epiq: epiq1.bandcamp.com

This broadcast is dedicated to Keith Emerson.