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Other Rock Show playlist – Sunday 25th October 2015

The Other Rock Show title Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 25th October on Resonance 104.4 FM

(repeated November 1st 2015)

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: AHLEUCHATISTAS – “I Used To Be Just Like” (Cuneiform)
2: HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT – “I Am Not A Packhorse”
4: DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP – “” (Copepod)
5: CARDIACS – “Hello Mr Sparrow (Live)” (Alphabet)
6: II II II – “Memories”
7: NORMAL LOVE – “The Signal Is Coming From Pittsburg”
8: II II II – “Memories” (ppft never mind it’s a good un)
9: FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY – “Setting The Soul’s Divide” (New Firmanent)
10: DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP – “Ident” (Copepod)
11: BOB DRAKE – “Going Nowhere”
12: LOQTO – “90”
13: BANGLADEAFY – “Fruit Flies”

Outro: BODY HOUND – “Vector Approaching”

Ahleuchatistas: cuneiformrecords.bandcamp.com/album/what-you-will

Honey Ride Me A Goat: honeyridemeagoat.bandcamp.com/album/udders

Cheer Accident: Cheer Accident Cuneiform page Cheer Accident SkinGraft page

Dead Days Beyond Help: alexward.bandcamp.com/album/severance-pay-2

Cardiacs: Massive Box Set of The Seaside now on preorder! Cardiacs.net

II II II: ii-ii-ii.bandcamp.com

Feast Of The Epiphany: newfirmament.bandcamp.com/album/temperance-2
Normal Love: www.normallovemusic.com

Loqto: Loqto’s Japanese web site loqto.bandcamp.com

Bob Drake: Bob Drake’s solo archive Bob Drake’s website

Body Hound: bodyhound.bandcamp.com/album/rhombus-now

Bangladeafy: bangladeafy.bandcamp.com

Other Rock Show playlist – November 9th 2014

The Other Rock Show titleOther Rock Show playlist, Sunday 9th November 2014 on Resonance 104.4 FM

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: CARDIACS – “Goosegash” (Alphabet)
2: VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR – “Scorched Earth”
3: MOTOR TOTEMIST GUILD – “Familiar Philippic”
4: MAKE A RISING – “I Forgot to Shave”
5: DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP – “Thicket” (Copepod)
6: HYRROKKIN – “Sephfus”
7: NNAMDI OGBONNAYA – “Oakland – Mac and Andy”
8: FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY – “Hierophant” (New Firmament)
9: LAPSUS LINGUAE – “Flight Path of the Enola Gay”
10: CARDIACS – “Hope Day” (Alphabet)

Outro: WILLIAM D DRAKE – “Homesweet Homeless Hideaway”


Cardiacs: www.cardiacs.net

Dead Days Beyond Help: deaddaysbeyondhelp.bandcamp.com/album/severance-pay

Motor Totemist Guild: www.rotarytotem.com

Make A Rising: makearising.bandcamp.com

Hyrrokkin: hyrrokkin.bandcamp.com/album/astrionics

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya: nnamdiogbonnaya.bandcamp.com/album/west-coast-burger-voyage

Feast of the Epiphany
: newfirmament.bandcamp.com/album/temperance-2

Lapsus Linguae: lapsus-linguae.bandcamp.com/

William D Drake: williamddrake.wordpress.com

Other Rock Show Playlist: 6th October 2013

The Other Rock Show titleOther Rock Show playlist, Sunday 6th October 2013 on Resonance 104.4 FM

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)
1: VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR – “Sleepwalker” (Strange Fruit)
2: FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY – “Second Pulse(excerpt)” (New Firmament)
3: EXTRA LIFE – “Strong Brother Weak Sister” (LOAF)
4: AHLEUCHATISTAS – “I Used To Be Just Like You, But Now I Am Just Like Me” (Cuneiform)
5: POIL – “Tronche A Cul”
7: UPSILON ACRUX – “Farbenklang Seven (excerpt)”
8: XHOHX – “Tellus Rezistanzik”
9: THE LAZE – “Everlife”
10:LAPSUS LINGUAE – “Are We Really Dancing?” (Fierce Panda)

OUTRO: THE BLUE SHIP – “Parting Of The Ways”

Van Der Graaf Generator: http://www.sofasound.com/

Feast Of The Epiphany: http://newfirmament.bandcamp.com/album/temperance-2

Extra Life: http://extralife.bandcamp.com/album/ripped-heart

Earth Sized Diamonds: http://earthsizediamonds.bandcamp.com/album/in-a-shrinking-forest

Xhohx: http://xhohx.bandcamp.com/

The Blue Ship: https://www.facebook.com/TheBrotherhoodoftheBlueShip

Other Rock Show playlist, April 21st 2013

The Other Rock Show titleOther Rock Show playlist, Sunday 21st April 2013 on Resonance 104.4 FM

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)
1: KOENJIHYAKKEI – “Sunna Zarioki” (Skin Graft/ God Mountain)
2: GUAPO – “The Selenotrope” (Cuneiform)
3: NI – “Marquage Culotte”
4: STARS IN BATTLEDRESS – “Oh Engineer” (House Of Stairs)
5: GRAND ULENA – “Gravois Means Rubble” (Family Vinyard)
6: 180Gs – “Wireless”
7: FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY – “Selling The Soul’s Divide” (New Firmament)
8: KAYO DOT – “Marathon” (Tzadik)
9: CARDIACS – “The Breakfast Line” (Alphabet)


Kayo Dot

Stars In Battledress: http://www.starsinbattledress.com/

Cardiacs www.cardiacs.com Cardiacs’ facebook group

Other Rock Show Playlist: December 16th 2012

The Other Rock Show titleOther Rock Show playlist, Sunday 16th December 2012 on Resonance 104.4 FM Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping”
1: THINKING PLAGUE – ”Malthusian Dances” (Cuneiform)
2: THE BOB LAZAR STORY – “Deadbiking Trilogy”
3:  QUADRILLES – “Gong Hey Fat Choi”
4: EXTRA LIFE – “Discipline for Edwin”  (Northern Spy)
5: FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY – “Second Pulse”
6: DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP – “Dark Night on Bad Bargain Lane” (Copepod)
7: STEVE MOORE – “Tyken’s Rift” (Cuneiform)
8: AHLEUCHATISTAS – “Lighted Stairs” (Cuneiform)
9: YOWIE – “Shriners Sure Swear a Lot” (Skin Graft)
10: THUMPERMONKEY – ‘Pigheart’ (Believers’ Roast)
11: HAZEL-RAH – ‘Kaleidoscope’
12: XADDAX – “X Train” (Skin Graft)

OUTRO: VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR– ‘An Epidemic Of Father Christmases’


Thinking Plague: A couple of full tracks to download here
The Bob Lazar StoryBob Lazar Story Bandcamp
Quadrilles – Quadrilles Inuit EP on Bandcamp
Thumpermonkey: https://otherrockshow.wordpress.com/thumpermonkey/
Extra Life: Extra Life record label Northern Spy
Feast Of The Epiphany: FOTE label and Bandcamp
Dead Days Beyond Help: New album ‘The Game Face’ available here (Alex Ward/Copepod bandcamp)
Steve Moore (Zombi): Recent solo album; free track here (Cuneiform Records)
Ahleuchatistas: Recent album ‘Heads Full Of Poison’ (couple of full free tracks, Cuneiform Records)
Yowie: http://www.skingraftrecords.com/bandhtmlpages/yowie.html
Hazel-Rah: Hazel-Rah on Africantape and Soundcloud early tracks
Xaddax: Xaddax downloads at Skin Graft Records, Xaddax Soundcloud

Van Der Graaf Generator: Sofa Sound (Peter Hammill/ VDGG releases)