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Zoft “…is a duo from Brussels. Zoft is not a pill to lose weight. Zoft is made of drums, guitar, voices, sound sculptures, lights… Zoft is not a chewing gum for hair loss. Zoft exists since 2008.” So says the intro to Zoft’s web site, and it should be also mentioned that Zoft are not an Indonesian metalcore band of the same name (who may be also known as Zeal Of Team).

Ok, now we’ve established who the real Zoft are, and they’re good: semi-instrumental rock in that kind of mathy, Zeuhl-tinged vibe that seems to be developing in pockets across Europe. They were originally a bigger outfit but as a two-piece have a full and complex sound.
Lots of info here: www.zoft.be …and here’s their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zoftmusic
The addition of home made instruments and sound sculpting is impressively well-integrated into their tight compositions… here’s one of their gigs (note: that is probably not a London audience…)

Brussels-based duet formed by drummer Damien Magnette and guitarist Nicolas Gitto, Zoft proposes a deviant and ludic take on rock, combining high energy and twisted rythm patterns. After extensive touring across Europe, Damien and Nicolas settled to record their first album, the aptly titled Electrically Haunted.
With this strikingly mature debut, Zoft enters the realm of unclassifiable bands. Inf
luenced by the works of Steve Reich, Pierre Schaeffer or japanese outfit RUINS, the duet blends together mad rythms, chanted lyrics, repetitive motifs, abrupt guitar sounds and a jazzy feel that might recall ZU, Mike Patton’s Fantômas or their label neighbours K-Branding.

On stage, the band is surrounded by sound sculptures and home-made instruments, making the audience part of a performance where the light show takes a special place in creating a warm and chaotic ambience, in perfect adequacy with the music.”

Other Rock Show Playlist: November 18th 2012

Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 18th November 2012 on Resonance 104.4 FM Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)
1:  ZOFT – ‘Mr Goodpain'(Humpty Dumpty Records)
2:  QUADRILLES – ‘A Point is Which That Has No Part’
3:  YOWIE – ‘Trina’ (Skin Graft)
4:  CYRIAK – ‘Bits and Bobs’
5:  NI – ‘Marquage Culotte’
6:  WILLIAM D DRAKE – ‘Lawrence’ (Onomatopoeia)
7:  YUGEN – ‘The Scuttle of the Past Out Of The Cupboard'(AltrOck)
8:   SLEEPING PEOPLE – ‘Blue Fly Green Fly (Temporary Residence)
9:  NI – ‘Non!’
11: EXTRA LIFE – ‘Ten Year Teardrop’


Quick LINKS:

Zoft – http://www.zoft.be/index.php/current/duo/
Quadrilles – http://quadrilles.bandcamp.com/
Yowie – http://www.skingraftrecords.com/bandhtmlpages/yowie.html
Cyriak – http://www.cyriak.co.uk/music.html
Ni – http://niiii.bandcamp.com  http://www.ni-music.com
Yugen – http://www.myspace.com/yugenband
William D Drake – http://williamddrake.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/lawrence/
Mr Sterile Assembly – http://mrsterileassembly.bandcamp.com/album/transit
Extra Life – http://extralife.bandcamp.com/

Other Rock Show Playlist: November 11th 2012

The Other Rock Show titleOther Rock Show playlist, Sunday 11th November 2012 on Resonance 104.4 FM Theme: ATOMSMASHER (just for a change…)
1:  CARDIACS – ‘Goosegash’ (Alphabet)
2:  GRAND ULENA – ‘Crowbar At Crescent and Cricket’
3:  ART BEARS – ‘(Armed) Peace’ (ReR)
4:  DARLING FREAKHEAD – ‘You Decide’
5:  SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM – ‘The Widening Eye’ (The End)
6:  ZOFT – ‘L’homme Machine’
7:  PIGSHACKLE – ‘Khamel Toe’ (Genin)
8:  HELLA – ‘Kid Life Crisis’ (Sargent House)
9:  THINKING PLAGUE – ‘Sleeper Cell Anthem’ (Cuneiform)
10:  KNIFEWORLD – ‘HMS Washout’  (Believers’ Roast)

OUTRO: GRAND ULENA – ‘Whispering Pines’

Cardiacs: www.cardiacs.com
Grand Ulena http://www.family-vineyard.com/grandulena/
Pigshackle: http://soundcloud.com/pigshackle
Art Bears: http://www.ccutler.com/ccutler/bands/group03.shtml
Darling Freakhead: http://darlingfreakhead.bandcamp.com/track/you-decide
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: www.sleepytimegorillamuseum.com (Uh oh, site’s temporarily down as of 12/11/12 – in the meantime, there’s samples here: http://www.webofmimicry.com/label.php?band=sleepytime
Zoft: http://www.zoft.be/index.php/current/duo/
Pigshackle: http://pigshackle.bandcamp.com/
Hella: http://hella.bandcamp.com/track/kid-life-crisis
Thinking Plague: http://www.cuneiformrecords.com/bandshtml/thinking.html
Knifeworld: http://www.knifeworld.co.uk/?page_id=48

Playlist: March 4th 2012 (WIP)

Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 4th March 2012 on Resonance 104.4 FM Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER ‘Bishop Hopping’ (Ipecac)
1: AQUASERGE “Un Soir De Temp” (Musea)
2: HELLA “Leaving The Arena Of Anthropology/ Im Quitting The Cult” (Ipecac)
4: KAYO DOT “Gamma Knife” (Ice Level Music/Self release)
5: AQUASERGE “Errance” (Musea)
6: TATTIE TOES “Amapola” (Pickled Egg)
7: MORVISCOUS “Claws” (Trestle)
8: HERMANN SZOBEL “Mr Softee” (Laser’s Edge)
9: ZOFT “Shramana”
10:  YOU SLUT! “On The Count Of 13” (Stressed Sumo)
11:  SURPLUS 1980 “M.E.S. Shoe Contact (DKM)

OUTRO: CARDIACS “Wind and Rains Is Cold (Alphabet)


Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 26th Feb 2012 on Resonance 104.4 FM Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER ‘Bishop Hopping’ (Ipecac) 1: ART BEARS “Albion Awake” 2: TIME OF ORCHIDS “We Speak In Shards” (Cuneiform) 3: BEHOLD…THE ARCTOPUS ” 4: ZOFT ” 5: CARETAKER … Continue reading