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For your information…

…apologies for the lack of updates here. My poor auld PC, or some component of it, decided not to like WordPress, and now makes a fuss whenever I attempt to edit a page. You can keep track of playlists and general musical shenanigans via my Facebook page, until the required technological housekeeping has happened… which will be soon

March 6th repeat show…

Tonight’s show is a repeat of the episode recorded on January 17th 2016 – the Mixcloud for this one is not yet available so it’s nice to have another listen (and a night to catch up with new music at home for future shows!)
Here’s where you can find the playlist:

Other Rock Show playlist – Sunday 25th October 2015

The Other Rock Show title Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 25th October on Resonance 104.4 FM

(repeated November 1st 2015)

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: AHLEUCHATISTAS – “I Used To Be Just Like” (Cuneiform)
2: HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT – “I Am Not A Packhorse”
4: DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP – “” (Copepod)
5: CARDIACS – “Hello Mr Sparrow (Live)” (Alphabet)
6: II II II – “Memories”
7: NORMAL LOVE – “The Signal Is Coming From Pittsburg”
8: II II II – “Memories” (ppft never mind it’s a good un)
9: FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY – “Setting The Soul’s Divide” (New Firmanent)
10: DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP – “Ident” (Copepod)
11: BOB DRAKE – “Going Nowhere”
12: LOQTO – “90”
13: BANGLADEAFY – “Fruit Flies”

Outro: BODY HOUND – “Vector Approaching”


Honey Ride Me A Goat:

Cheer Accident: Cheer Accident Cuneiform page Cheer Accident SkinGraft page

Dead Days Beyond Help:

Cardiacs: Massive Box Set of The Seaside now on preorder!


Feast Of The Epiphany:
Normal Love:

Loqto: Loqto’s Japanese web site

Bob Drake: Bob Drake’s solo archive Bob Drake’s website

Body Hound:


Tonight’s Other Rock Show…

…is another chance to hear the show recorded on April 26th.   Playlists, links and news coming later this evening!

Other Rock Show playlist – Sunday February 8th 2015

The Other Rock Show title
Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 8th February on Resonance 104.4 FM

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: SOFT MACHINE – “10.30 Returns to the Bedroom” (Probe)
2: ENABLERS – “Output Negative Space” (Neurot)
3: NO SAFETY – “Pavlov’s Heaven” (ReR)
4: DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP – “Ident” (Copepod)
5: NO SAFETY – “Summer Dress” (ReR)
6: INFANTEPHANT – “Skullogna”
7: YUGEN – “Ganascia”
8: GONG – “Master Builder” (Virgin)
9: THUMPERMONKEY – “Quiet Earth”
10: SOFT MACHINE – “Pataphyisical Introduction pt 1/Concise British Alphabet pt1”
11: DOMINIQUE LEONE – “Cuneiform”
12: PIGLET – “Caramel”

Outro: USSSY – “Biedronka”


Soft Machine:
on Cuneiform Records:

Alfreda Benge (cover artist/illustrator) exhibition in London:

Enablers (NEW ALBUM):


No Safety:




Dominique Leone:

The Cellar and Point: