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Other Rock Show playlist – October 9th 2016

The Other Rock Show title
Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 9th October 2016 on Resonance 104.4 FM

This show will be repeated on Sunday October 16th

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: CHROMB – “Des Francis en quinconce” (Dur Et Doux)
2: SEVEN IMPALE – “” (Karisma)
3: CLOUD BECOMES YOUR HAND – “Garden of the Ape”
4: CARDIACS – “Come Back Clammy Lammy” (Alphabet)
5: BOB DRAKE – “Recreational Guide To The Solar System”
6: THE BOB LAZAR STORY – “Westminster”
7: MR STERILE ASSEMBLY – “Know No Superman”
8: ART BEARS – “Democracy”
9: SICBAY – “Who Wrote The Night?” (Obtuse Mule)
10: YOWIE – “Trina”

OUTRO: CHROMB< – “Bobby” (excerpt)”



Seven Impale:

Cloud Becomes Your Hand:

Cardiacs and Sea Nymphs:

Bob Drake:

The Bob Lazar Story:

Mr Sterile Assembly: