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Yowie are an astonishing trio from St Louis Missouri… Deep in the very heart of the USA, a beast named after the Australian version of Bigfoot makes hyper-textured guitar based weirdass rock as intricately structured as some glassy plankton.  You come away from their magnificent storm of sound unsure if it was instrumental or that guitar was actually the mutterings and squealings of an earth-traumatised alien street preacher.
They’ve released two albums on Skin Graft Records: Cryptozoology (2005) and – after an intense period of break up, reform, three-four-day-a-week practices, and artistic obsession bordering on masochism  – birthed their second album, Damning With Faint Praise (2012). And when on a European tour where strangers into their music for years hugged them and women danced.

Hear a track from the new album here: Shriners Sure Cuss A Lot

One of you turned down a position at Yale to stay with Yowie.  Did you make the right decision?
That was me- (Defenestrator) it was a Postdoctoral Residency. I definitely made the right decision. A Yale Postdoc is a pretty damned good career move in my profession, but I couldn’t do Yowie and it at the same time.

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