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Thumpermonkey are a London based band who have their own unique niche in the world: a place between ‘conventional’ sounding, very nearly ‘commercial’ rock, and the wilds of experimental progness. Their songs have a backbone of serious structural and lyrical inventiveness under Mike Woodman’s easy-on-the-ear ‘proper’ rock voice.

Currently a four piece – Michael Woodman, Ben Wren, Rael Jones, and Sam Warren – they are on their sixth album, active and gigging around the UK and building up an appreciative following.  Their latest in this increasingly impressive string of albums is Sleep Furiously -available as CD and download from all the places here:

Equally impressive: this new video for Wheezyboy, directed by Woodman:

…and Thumpermonkey are playing the first Other Rock Show-associated gig, on January 10th 2013!

Jan 10th 2013 – Buffalo Bar, Highbury & Islington, London
Thumpermonkey, Quadrilles, Honey Ride Me A Goat

Jan 18th 2013 – Knifeworld, Thumpermonkey, Pigshackle
Prince Albert, Brighton

Feb 2nd 2013 – Knifeworld, Thumpermonkey, Pigshackle
The Square, Harlow

March 17th 2013 – Thumpermonkey, Pigshackle
Boiler Room, Guildford

April 27th 2013 – Earthmass, Telepathy, Thumpermonkey, Hobopope and the Goldfish Cathedral
Royal Oak, Ipswich

There’s a well-stocked Thumpermonkey Bandcamp page for your perusal.


Thumpermonkey (aka Thumpermonkey Lives!) is a South London based band, making experiments with what you could call a ‘traditional’ rock sound. Big, radio-friendly vocals get warped into unsettling, uncompromising tunes that refuse to go where they should. Lyrics too are nice and dense and stand up on their own – a rarity these days, when all the effort usually goes into the composing.
Thumpermonkey have just about to release a new album, ‘Sleep Furiously’, which you can hear via their web site if you’re quick (free streaming until Oct 31st).

Previous albums, including Other Rock Show fave ‘We Bake Our Bread Beneath Her Holy Fire’, are available from their Bandcamp: