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Poino are a three-piece from London doing full-on authentic ferocious-yet-deep explorative rock. Mixing righteous noise with just enough tunes and thought, their blistering yet sensitive output is of a calibre and quality associated with those hard-gigging American underground types that get stuff done with Albini etc.  They are quite the thing live.  The miscreants involved are:

John Greenhorn – Bi-monocular drumbopticon pummel-horse. Exactly similar.
Ross Blake – Nine-sided collapsible mountain basstinado. Where dreams are made of.
Gaverick de Vis – Tiny, big, guitard hacking wheeze-hog. Adding flesh to the wound.

Their album Moan Loose is available here:
It’s out on Horse Arm records as limited edition heavyweight vinyl:

Here’s them doing their thing at Silver Rocket late last year…