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Ni are from Bourg en Bresse in France. They play precise, heavy, tuneful riffage, delighting in easy-on-the-ear math gymnastics with melodic attention underneath the hood, full of gleeful energy. Instrumental aside from the odd bit of involuntary yelling and gibberish, they’re magically light on their feet for such a rocking outfit, like a Percheron on ice skates.
Here’s them live (and don’t be taken in by the nice, delicate start):

And letting rip a bit –

Let’s enjoy their Facebook biog via the miracle of Google Translate:

Followers of aesthetic uniqueness and eccentricity curious sound
Welcome to the “Ministry of riffs con”.
NI delivers a powerful instrumental rock foutraque gives
juice in the vertebra.
OR can think of when watching a dwarf Shameless
an Infernal Noce, a fugitive who Nudist Incentive
Beardless after Nymphette …
Arrangements to Knots inextricable rhythmic breaks Harmful immoral
Incontinent of mindless melodies nauseous … you’ll understand
NI loves to tell you stories that escalate.
Neurons have their indestructible pushed Register
2 EP 9 tracks totaling Nervous impulsive Incisive shades.

On stage Flammable Cloud encourage you to leave your
Fire Retardant niches to move your Nuques indolent.

Enlightened owls, you may at Holy Grail ‘n’ roll
these four knights who say NI!
Free track:

Ni members are
Anthony Béard: guitare
François Mignot: guitare
Benoit Lecomte: basse
Nicolas Bernollin: batterie


Here’s a couple of tour taster vids –