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Mr Sterile Assembly

Mr Sterile Assembly describe themselves as an  “outsider-punk noise experimental rock two-piece from Aotearoa New Zealand” consisting of Mr Sterile (on drums and vocals) and  Chrissie Butler on guitar and vocals (though they have been a variety of configurations, including a seven-member band). They look extraordinary, they sound like no-one else, they engage with grassroots politics in the manner and authenticity of Crass, merging poetry, theatre, art and sheer energy.  And they tour places you wouldn’t think there was a rock scene, let alone an underground avant-punk gig circuit…

Mr Sterile Assembly – lets hope they will be able to travel even further afield in the future…

Here’s the track played in recent shows:

And here’s an excellent recent album:

On tour in indonesia:

Worth exploring the photos and stories on the Mr Sterile Assembly web site: this is somewhere else in Indonesia, Java I think… and here they are in band mode, playing a gig on the island of Buru (and looking just like the heady days of the Deptford Free Festival… only warmer.)

And here’s their video for ‘Stela’ :