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Lapsus Linguae are baaaaack

orsavatar_300dpiTop of the wishlist of Missing Bands We’d Like To See Doing Things, Scottish band Lapsus Linguae have been pretty much invisible since oh, around 2007. Unique, stratopherically talented and way ahead of their time, this Glasgow based four-piece stood out like a magnesium flare of hope and art and merit bobbing in a sea of late 90s/early noughties indie schmindie UK music scene averageness. Their composed, tune-heavy, gritty and atmospheric and entertaining and knowing work came in a roof-blowing live package.
Like many high-end unconformists, music biz support fell short of what’s needed to keep such a show on the road/fed/alive etc, so Lapsus’s obscurity came as no surprise and with much understanding. The band members seemed scattered to the winds, involved in life, survival, and other creative projects… whilst the world seemed to catch up with their vision, a little. But (despite the Other Rock Show’s commitment to putting active or newsworthy bands first) it’s been hard to resist repeatedly digging out and playing You Got Me Fraiche or the handful of tracks from their early EP or the couple of last-gasp demos of the second album that cropped up shortly after their last gigs. (In fact, I can see the album already sitting right here, on top of the little pile of this week’s show shortlist… waiting for an excuse, if any were really needed…)

So, much delight this week at the unheralded and magical burst of activity: rebuilt web site, Facebook page, and most important of all, access via Bandcamp to a) the legendary first mini-album and b) ‘new’ work, in the shape of work-in-progress compositions from the unreleased second album, ‘This Is Puberty’.

Gigs are not planned at the moment; the band are concentrating on getting those very-nearly-finished works into a righteous state. So maybe not the full-on band package, but very welcome. Here’s why we’re thrilled anyway (excuse the Bull & Gate sound):

And handy Soundcloud:

Lapsus Linguae


From out of nowhere, a sudden resurrection: new sounds, the web site updated, a Facebook page appearing barely a week ago.  The ‘Guae are back

Lapsus Linguae were (are?) a four-piece from Glasgow; they existed from around 1999, releasing an EP (Parade EP) and one album, You Got Me Fraiche.  A second album (titled This Is Puberty ) sadly never emerged, but fragments exist in the form of demos and a radio session.  Lapsus Linguae were a phenomenal live band, and their compositions combined lyrical, melodic and conceptual depth with the energy, aggression and humour of a wilfully pretention-free teenage metal band.

Their idiosyncratic web site still exists – jump to some downloads here:
has been revived into a less quirky but easier to use place, and if you want downloads, the whole of their magnificent only album You Got Me Fraiche is here