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Kayo Dot new album…

It is called Hubardo. 

Buy it here:

Kayo Dot

Kayo Dot are a Brooklyn-based band led by guitarist/composer Toby Driver.
Evolving onward from the ashes of Driver’s previous band, maudlin of the Well, who were (slightly) more conventionally progressive/ metal/ gothic (and influenced by classical composition), Kayo Dot have released seven studio albums:
Choirs of the Eye – 2003,
Dowsing Anemone with Copper Tongue – 2006,
Blue Lambency Downward – 2008,
Coyote – 2010,
Stained Glass – 2011,
Gamma Knife/Grey Dream – 2012
and their most recent album, Hubardo – which has caused many a reviewer and fan to splutter ‘masterpiece’. Which it may well be.
…all of which and more are available on Kayo Dot’s Bandcamp:

Here’s a teaser trailer for Hubardo. If you’re not normally in the habit of listening to those distorted, metal kinda vocals that it begins with, bear with them: so much of the beauty of Kayo Dot lies in the long journey that many of their tracks take, with a delicate, whispered start carrying you to a contrasting climax (or the other way around). Gorgeous melodies come and go, the listener yearning after them with a sense of loss; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (and the parts are remarkable enough in themselves).

Many Kayo Dot compositions are long, evolving from a whisper to a scream or vice versa, passing through rich and original textures. Driver’s lyrics are both surreal and romantic in the best sense of both words.