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Honey Ride Me A Goat

Honey Ride Me A Goat are debatably the UK’s finest, purest, gnarliest exponents of intrumental avant-progressive mayhem. They are also somewhat elusive. Based in Chatham, Kent, they are a trio – Jonny, Mike and Ryan (“childhood friends form ridiculous band) – who play turn-on-a-dime blistering anarcho-math stuffed with gleeful twists and turns for no better reason, it seems, than to take the piss out of all those other poor mortals struggling to construct hypercomplex riffage without removing their fingers from their chins.

“Ridiculously tight curry-obsessed chavs playing virtuosic hyper-complex jazz-punk squall”

This is how they roll:

Honey Ride Me A Goat: ‘Ace Hazelnut’

…is from their album ‘Udders’, available for a mere fiver here: