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Feast Of The Epiphany

Feast Of The Epiphany – A personal project/ growing band from Nick Podgurski, the Baltimore-based drummer of Extra Life.  Rich, green, hauntingly sonorous melodies echoing Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull and the Sea Nymphs, wrapped in Doom and Dead Can Dance atmospheres.  Members/ collaborators include members of Kayo Dot, Orthrelm, Hazel-Rah.  A fellow NE-USA avant specialist (Keith Abrams, drummer in PAK and Kayo Dot) said of Feast of the Epiphany:

I’ll just straight out say that Nick Podgurski scares the shit out of me. I first met him when I saw Extra Life some years back. Initially he frightened me because he plays the drums in a way that makes me want to quit what I’m doing and get a job in an office park in ohio and submit to a mundane existence until death. But then I heard Feast of The Epiphany and I became so terrified that I wandered an endless terrifying cave filled with grey aliens for eons, only to arise last week and set up a show.”Nick Takes elements of Early Music, 70s am Radio, Post Modern Classical, Brutal Prog and combines it with seamless craftsmanship. I’m terrible with musical analogies so just trust me, this is the music for the next level and this is a must see band.”
These tracks are from the new album ‘Temperance’ …hear them again here:
The band are on tour in the US  right now (from 19th Oct ’12) and as a solo performance version (I think)  in Europe – dates here: