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Bozart are one of those truly great obscurities – currently lost in the mists of time, they were making the purest kind of math rock back in the mid 90s.  What makes them worth tracking down and treasuring? Their strong melodic sense – wistful, atmospheric and beautiful.  Tunes that creep up on you, inexplicably grabbing the heartstrings in a way that too few complex bands do.

Left with three or four free downloads, harvested from around the turn of the millenium, a not-too-hopeful search has turned up Bozart’s Last.FM page – stuffed with pretty much their entire back catalogue for free download. (Hopefully put up with the permission of the band).  “From the Minnesota tundra comes Bozart, an instrumental rock duo from Minneapolis. Formed in 1997 from the wreckage of the Portland math-rock institution Holgator, Bozart employs a host of odd time signatures”…

Stop press! A few hours of research has thrown up this: Nice interview. Finally find out that Bozart are/were a duo: guitarist Peter Hawkinson and drummer Derek Oringer. Seems like the band had one of those life-gets-in-the-way kind of splits, with the duo separated by having to move for work. Also looks like they were a victim of being about a decade and a half ahead of their time…. however. Hawkinson is now in a very fine, Behold… The Arctopus (only, yay, more tuneful) kind of band called… Magnum Octopus