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Aquaserge album coverAquaserge have a unique, subtly edgy and mysterious sound. Hints of Zeuhl and Krautrock with a Canterbury Scene mellowness, but really nothing quite like that… Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) and Letitia Sadler (Stereolab) have some kind of involvement. They’re from France, they tour Europe, they released an album called “Ce très cher Serge” in 2008 and that’s where the delightful material played on recent ORSs comes from. They’re a cut above many fine but, let’s face it, not terribly original members of the RIO scene by having a delicate flavour all their own.

“The extravaganza music of AQUASERGE associates jazz, chamber Progressive rock, SOFT MACHINE, KING CRIMSON and Frank ZAPPA… With good taste and a strong sense of humour. “Ce Très Cher Serge – Spécial Origines” was recorded during the Spring of 2008, and eventually saw the light of day on the Gazul label three years after. This album evokes the trip of Captain Serge, lost in the ocean abysses. We are witnessing the building of the Aquaserge, then the meeting between Serge and the bubble-men. This incredible opus features a certain Makoto KAWABATA, the mastermind of ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE. Let yourself be immersed into this thrilling Mare Incognita !”
(their Facebook about, via Google Translate…)
…Ah, just found the English bio on their web site:

Another vid, of a track from Ce Tres Sur Serge – not the best vid but great performance –

…Mmm, one more from the Rock In Opposition festival – tuuune…