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5UUs, back in the day5UUs were (are?) a band put together in the mid-80s by Thinking Plague drummer Dave Kerman, with a complex assortment of other Thinking Plague members/ex-members (including Bob Drake) and other remarkable musicians (you may want to study the 5UUs wiki to get to the bottom of it:’s . Tracks played are from Point of Views, a retrospective compilation of albums and rarities released by Cuneiform Records in 1996

A dig around the Wayback Machine finds this: “5uu’s are a rock band originally instigated in 1980 by Dave Kerman, a drummer from Southern California. Although the “roots” of the initial grouping of musicians involved were that of fusion and rock ‘n roll, within three years the music was approaching a style of guerilla-rock similar to the work of Rock In Opposition bands from Western Europe. At this point an alliance was forged with ReR Records in London and Wayside Music in Maryland, both of whom are instrumental to the promotion and distribution of interesting or unusual music on a world-wide scale…
To date there are 6 studio albums (70 songs) under the nomenclature of 5uu’s, and many bootlegs of European tour concerts have been circulated worldwide. 5uu’s share a stable with other competent players and composers from the Rock in Opposition- type infrastructure, ie Utotem, Thinking Plague, Present, Bob Drake, Blast, Susanne Lewis, Motor Totemist Guild etc. ”

Something of a pedigree, then…
You can get yr hands on some of their albums here: