Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday June 1st 2014

The Other Rock Show titleOther Rock Show playlist, Sunday 1st June 2014 on Resonance 104.4 FM

This show was also repeated on 8th June and at 3am BST on Friday

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: DON CABALLERO – “June Is Finally Here” (Touch and Go)
2: POIL – “Patachou”
3: 5UUs – “Hot and Cold Frog” (Cuneiform)
4: TIME OF ORCHIDS – “Gem” (Cuneiform)
5: UCHU CONBINI – “Sepia Scenery From A Train Window (unreleased)”
6: RECONNAISSANCE FLY – “One Should Never”
7: IGORRR – “Vegetable Soup” (Ad Noiseum)
8: TIM SMITH’S OCEANLAND WORLD – “This Grounds Town” (Alphabet)
9: ŽOAMBO ŽOET WORKESTRAO – “Svega Ce Bit, Samo Nece Bit Ljubavi” (zavod Sploh)

Outro: ŽOAMBO ŽOET WORKESTRAO – “Cetrti Steber Pokojninske Reforme”

Don Caballero: http://touchandgorecords.com/bands/band.php?id=10

Tim Smith’s Oceanland World: http://abc-mary.myshopify.com/products/tim-smith-s-extra-special-oceanlandworld-cd
Cardiacs: cardiacs.net


5UUs: http://www.cuneiformrecords.com/bandshtml/fiveuu.html

Time Of Orchids: http://www.cuneiformrecords.com/bandshtml/Timeoforchids.html

Reconnaissance Fly: www.facebook.com/pages/Reconnaissance-Fly/140247572679009

Igorrr: http://adnoiseam.bandcamp.com/album/hallelujah

Zoambo Zoet Workestrao: http://zoambo.bandcamp.com/

Mr Sterile Assembly: http://mrsterileassembly.bandcamp.com/track/stella

Uchu Conbini:
Fecking Bahamas: Fecking Bahamas free Japanese Math Rock compilation
Fecking Bahamas math rock blog


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