Other Rock Show playlist – 23rd March 2014

The Other Rock Show titleOther Rock Show playlist, Sunday 23rd March 2014 on Resonance 104.4 FM

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: AHLEUCHATISTAS – “Falling Bards” (Tzadik)
2: GUAPO – “Five Suns, Part II” (Cuneiform)
3: LAPSUS LINGUAE – “Flight Path of the Enola Gay”
4: NOUGHT – “Wet Sex Anaesthetic” (Silver Rocket)
5: PHILHARMONGREL – “Sitting Pretty are Ugly Things”
6: DOMINIQUE LEONE – “Happy (pre release version)”
7: UPSILON ACRUX – “The Wack Art Deception” (Hacktivist)
8: MAKE A RISING – “Nommo Days”
9: HELLA – “Yubacore” (Sargent House)
10: EAT THE SUN – “”

Outro: MIOCENE – “”


Philharmongrel: http://philharmongrel.bandcamp.com/

Lapsus Linguae: http://lapsus-linguae.bandcamp.com/album/ghosts

Make A Rising: http://makearising.bandcamp.com/album/new-i-fealing

Hella: http://hella.bandcamp.com/album/tripper

Eat The Sun: http://eatthesunband.bandcamp.com/album/in-case-of-flood

Miocene: http://www.mioceneonline.co.uk/aplwavotssd.htm


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