Other Rock Show playlist – 16th March 2014

The Other Rock Show titleOther Rock Show playlist, Sunday 16th March 2014 on Resonance 104.4 FM

Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)

1: MAHOGANY FROG – “Last Stand at Fisher Farm”
2: CARDIACS – “Visiting Hours”
3: FREE SALAMANDER EXHIBIT – “Atheist’s Potluck” (bootleg)
4: ZYMA – “Businessman”
6: GAY AGAINST YOU – “Sour Dudes” (AdAadAt/ Upset The Rhythm)
7: GOBLIN – “Roller”
8: ASTROCHASM – “…Just Dreams”
9: MAGNUM OCTOPUS – “Mi pistola, Mi Salvador”
10: DAZZLING KILLMEN – “Medicine Me” (Skin Graft)
11: MI’ENS – “Smitten”

Outro: SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM – “The Widening Eye” (The End)


Mahogany Frog
: http://mahognayfrog.bandcamp.com/album/do5

Cardiacs: www.cardiacs.com

Gay Against You: http://gayagainstyou.bandcamp.com

Mr Sterile Assembly: http://mrsterileassembly.bandcamp.com/album/transit

Free Salamander Exhibit: https://www.facebook.com/FreeSalamanderExhibit
Download the FSE show here: http://www.carlkingdom.com/free-salamander-exhibit-review-complete-show-audio

Astrochasm: https://www.facebook.com/astrochasm

Dazzling Killmen: http://www.skingraftrecords.com/bandhtmlpages/dazzkillmen.html

Mi’ens: http://mi-ens.bandcamp.com/


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