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Other Rock Show playlist, March 24th 2013

The Other Rock Show titleOther Rock Show playlist, Sunday 24th March 2013 on Resonance 104.4 FM
Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)
1: DUN – “Bitonio” (Soleil Zeuhl)
2: TOBY DRIVER – “Horrorca” (Tzadik)
3: THINKING PLAGUE – “Posession” (Cuneiform)
5: ZS – “B Is For Burning”
6: FOE – “Bloodmoss”
7: CARDIACS – “Hope Day” (Alphabet)
9: THREE TRAPPED TIGERS – “10” (Blood and Biscuits)

OUTRO: CORIMA “Corima Iss Khozmikh Kavhiledrios!” (excerpt)


Toby Driver:

Thinking Plague:

Circle Versus Square:

Zs (free download of played track here):



Dead Days Beyond Help:

Three Trapped Tigers:



Hella are a duo from Sacramento, California. They have an extraordinarily distinctive sound: a flowing, harsh, organic, structured, loose, melodic and noisy abstract that comes from the telepathic dialogue between Spencer Seim (guitarist) and Zach Hill (drums). Elements of progressive and classic rock are put through a psychic mincer with fragments of daily popular culture and computer game soundtracks… although that doesn’t really do justice to it. At all.

Best to jump straight into that magnificent Biblical Violence video:

Hella have released four albums: Hold Your Horse Is (2002) and The Devil Isn’t Red (2004) on 5 Rue Christine Church Gone Wild/Chirpin’ Hard (2005) on Suicide Squeeze, and There’s No 666 in Outer Space (2007) on Ipecac Recordings, and most recently Tripper (2011, Sargent House). There’s No 666… saw Hella incarnated as a full five-piece band, (a great album but relatively conventional, if that’s really the right word). Tripper was a return to a duo and something of a triumph, balancing tunes and sound sculpting in unique Hella manner.

Excellent documentary about an early Hella tour…

A special mention for Hella’s 2005 double album Church Gone Wild/ Chirpin’ Hard. Spencer Seim and Zach Hill compose one disc of the album each; the result is a mirror image true to each of their particular genius, Spencer’s computer-game-noise-pop sensibility vis Zach Hill’s visionary, hyperrealist psychedelica, both classics in their own right.

An early video, made by local directors David Nicholson & Brook Caballero

Oen Sujet

Oen Sujet “…are a musical project hailing from the fertile creative pastures of Montreal, home to such artists as God Speed You Black Emperor, Arcade Fire and Chromeo. Spearheaded by composer/programmer/drummer John Winston Phillips, the lineup also includes Ananda X. Suddath on bass guitar and lead voice, Yumiko Kanao on keyboards and voice and Gabriel Evangelista on keyboards and voice.

Their meticulous, imaginative, thoughtful and perfectly formed pop music for the 21 Century leaves us blank, when we try to compare them to other artists but Robert Wyatt, Wendy Carlos, Gastr del Sol and ‘Fragile’ era Yes sometimes come to mind when we listen.

If at first ‘Life Given to Quiet Places’ may seem… intimidating with its rich tapestry of textures, complex time signatures and witty, subtle lyrics, a few listens soon transform their labyrinthine, marathon tracks into deeply engaging mini rock opera’s perfectly suited to even the most pop tuned ear … you may even find yourself singing along..

Its synth-prog, choral-math-pop, textural electro-acoustic folk music from the future…its like nothing we’ve heard before…and it’s really, very lovely.” – Loaf Recordings

Members John Winston Phillips – composition, drums
Ananda X. Suddath – lead voice, bass|guitar
Yumiko Kanao – keyboards, voice
Gabriel Evangelista – keyboards, voice

Oen Sujet don’t really sound like anyone else.


Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 17th March 2013

The Other Rock Show titleOther Rock Show playlist, Sunday 17th March 2013 on Resonance 104.4 FM
Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER “Bishop Hopping” (Ipecac)
1: KOENJIHYAKKEI – “Grembo Zavia” (Skin Graft/God Mountain)
2: PAPAYE – “Cheval Telescopique” (Africantape)
3: POINO – “Strength Of A Cowboy” (Horse Arm)
5: ENABLERS – “Patton”
6: PAPAYE – “Watermelon Frappe” (Africantape)
7: OEN SUJET – “Life Given To Quiet Places” (LOAF)
9: THE BOB LAZAR STORY – “There’s No Trolley”
10: HAZEL-RAH – “Stars” (Africantape)
11: MAHOGANY FROG – “Lady Xoc and Shield Jaguar”

OUTRO: HAZEL-RAH “Behold, A Firewall” (excerpt)



Oen Sujet:

Mr Sterile Assembly:

The Bob Lazar Story:


Thumpermonkey: (free download track)



Mahogany Frog:

Chrome Hoof

Chrome Hoof are a UK ‘experimental orchestra’ …or ‘prog doom army’… or ‘glam clad death disco’. Ok, what they are is Leo and Milo Smee, and up to ten other people, and a sight and sound to behold. They are a genuine fusion of driving oldschool disco and ‘Attahk’-era Magma, with added twists and excursions (and a fantastic lead voice, Lola Olafisoye). Three worthy albums stand up by themselves (Chrome Hoof, Pre-Emptive False Rapture, and Crush Depth) and their live outings are truly memorable, a rampant ritual of glitter cloaks and mass musicianship. As for the meaning behind this titanic effort, some band philosophy… well, there’s this:

The Trans-dimensional Warlock was besieged with regret over the terror he had wrought since the dawn of matter. Why was his task thus: Seek harmony- only to crush, or the non-allowance of space gasses to coalesce into a more supportive medium- where life may eventually thrive. To slice through the happy union between co-dependant galaxies- rendering them to drift eternally into darkness, and never again find the only compatible ‘bed fellow’ that existed within their allotted Octoverse.(no independent method of propulsion had yet been granted to the common galaxy at this point)
His means were almost limitless, and his drive to professionalism was tantamount to cosmic insanity. His work had no end- but there was a beginning…the sweet sanctuary of being a chef at a central London Steakhouse. This was a concept borne way before even light and dark had begun bickering. The memories were faint, but had been becoming more frequent in the last few billion Avon’s. He once knew another life, before the misery factory that he had become.

The Hoof have been quiet for a few months; a mysterious messenger has beamed aetheric messages into my third ear saying that they are neither sleeping nor dead but Up To Things… things that take time…

In the meantime here’s where you can get their music and here’s some examples to feast your eyes upon:
And another good ‘un – and see if you can spot a certain member of Knifeworld / Cardiacs / Guapo being fully absorbed into Hoof mayhem…