Other Rock Show gig!

The very first Other Rock Show-affiliated gig is coming…
January 10th, 2013 – Thumpermonkey, Quadrilles and Honey Ride Me A Goat!

These three UK based bands represent a full spectrum of avant-progressive otherness and awesomeness. Headliners Thumpermonkey are tuneful and intriguing, subverting full-blooded rock for their own curious ends.
Quadrilles are light on their feet, sweet and rough and warm and elegantly complex.
The night starts (and you really, really should not miss this) with Chatham’s very own mindboggling riff-twisters Honey Ride Me A Goat.

Thursday! A three second walk from the exit of Highbury and Islington Tube/Overground! http://www.buffalobar.co.uk/listing/2013/01/10/guided-missile-presents/ A mere Five Quid(advance)!

Marina Organ will be spinning dance music to break an ankle to.


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