A message from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

This brief message from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum has miraculously apported upon their Facebook page:

“Greetings! We know that some of you have been frustrated by the Museum’s prolonged silence concerning the matter of our next and most posthumous release yet.
Yes, it’s been rumored to have been swallowed by a One-sided Bobylox, or to have been held up in court by a small but vociferous group of angry scientists, or perhaps to have been simply silenced… disappeared… by the all-powerful pro-vivisection lobby.

But we assure you, The Sleepytime Gorilla Museum of the Last Human Being – both the album and the film – will be released to you in due time!In the mean time, please accept a teaser for your hungry ears: Rabbit Rabbit (Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi of SGM) have just released a song for you on www.RabbitRabbitRadio.com that will also appear, albeit in a different form, on this upcoming, yet posthumous SGM record. Rabbit Rabbit calls it “Paper Prison,” while SGM will call it “Silverfish.” (Hear an excerpt of it HERE: http://soundcloud.com/rabbitrabbitradio/paper-prison-excerpt)Regardless of what you call it, on Rabbit Rabbit Radio you will find not just the song which is an to ode books and the stories held captive within them, but a whole world of words, images and films, that invite you to dive deeper into the murky and fertile waters of its inspiration, the recording process and beyond.Yes, you must subscribe to Rabbit Rabbit Radio in order to get the elaborate monthly outpourings locked inside, but your entry into the RRR fold is rendered irresistible, as you will simply not be charged for your first month.Enter RRR during the month of July, make yourself at home, doff your shoes to oblivion, and listen to this foreshadowing of the Museum’s next and final offering.
We too, are restless and impatient.

-The Museum Staff”


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