Thumpermonkey are a London based band who have their own unique niche in the world: a place between ‘conventional’ sounding, very nearly ‘commercial’ rock, and the wilds of experimental progness. Their songs have a backbone of serious structural and lyrical inventiveness under Mike Woodman’s easy-on-the-ear ‘proper’ rock voice.

Currently a four piece – Michael Woodman, Ben Wren, Rael Jones, and Sam Warren – they are on their sixth album, active and gigging around the UK and building up an appreciative following.  Their latest in this increasingly impressive string of albums is Sleep Furiously -available as CD and download from all the places here:

Equally impressive: this new video for Wheezyboy, directed by Woodman:

…and Thumpermonkey are playing the first Other Rock Show-associated gig, on January 10th 2013!

Jan 10th 2013 – Buffalo Bar, Highbury & Islington, London
Thumpermonkey, Quadrilles, Honey Ride Me A Goat

Jan 18th 2013 – Knifeworld, Thumpermonkey, Pigshackle
Prince Albert, Brighton

Feb 2nd 2013 – Knifeworld, Thumpermonkey, Pigshackle
The Square, Harlow

March 17th 2013 – Thumpermonkey, Pigshackle
Boiler Room, Guildford

April 27th 2013 – Earthmass, Telepathy, Thumpermonkey, Hobopope and the Goldfish Cathedral
Royal Oak, Ipswich

There’s a well-stocked Thumpermonkey Bandcamp page for your perusal.


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