Infantephant …a New York avant-prog supergroup! In the making! This is what they have to say for themselves:

“Infantephant is David Bodie (Drums), Eric Fitzgerald (Guitar, Voice) and Keith Abrams (Bass Guitar).
From bands such as Time of Orchids, Kayo Dot, Pak, and others, Infantephant is the child of David Bodie, Keith Abrams, and Eric Fitzgerald. Borrowing from our infatuation with Gentle Giant, Cheer Accident, Meshuggah, Ducks, Cats, Borgs, Loafs, Video Games, Burgers, Burritos Anime (not that dorky girly bullshit, the bad ass shit with swords and lasers) and various other amalgams of matter, Infante
phant aims to be your best friend and your part time lover, but full time. It’s proggy, there’s tapping, singing, and we do a bunch of time signatures at once too. One time we all made the same joke at the same time, it was crazy! We all looked at each other and said “woah that’s deep”, so obviously the music is nuts. Did I mention that there is prog rock? Totally insane shit man, check it out, stay tuned.

We are getting ready to record our first EP in NOV, so we can actually have some shit up here instead of empty promises and guarantees that normal jerks won’t like it.

Please pay attention to us. We were guaranteed that art-rock-prog would make us prog-art-rock millions, so we’ll sit here and wait till you get the funds together. Also we all have like, 12 kids so we need peanut butter and milk, you can send it to Facebook headquarters and I’m sure they’ll forward it to us. Did I mention that this shit is super fucking proggy. I mean one of the songs has a fucking 51/16 time signature in it. We didn’t mean for that to happen, it just did, because we are fucking genii.

It sounds like Taylor Swift having a seizure while submerged in pudding while a malfunctioning jukebox plays as many 1 second clips of Todd Rundgren 45s as possible. Also everything is on fire. Also it’s in space.


What’s not to love?
Cogs In Cogs (Gentle Giant cover)


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