Corima are currently based in Los Angeles (and originally from Texas). Apparently, they started out as a King Crimson/ ELP-influenced prog band but discovered the likes of Rock In Opposition/ Zeuhl and things like Magma and Ruins and Koenjihyakkei and that was that – they became a magnificent addition to the Zeuhl oeuvre.

“They released their self-titled debut full length in late 2007… Their album is a 65-minute wild roller coaster of Zeuhl music with operatic vocals sung in a made-up language, odd time signatures, bombastic super heavy bass lines and insane keyboard work-outs all combined in a way that calls for a never ending explosion.”

They’ve just released a new album, ‘Quetzalcoatl’, and you can mainline it straight from here:

Corima’s blog:


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