Playlist: March 4th 2012 (WIP)

Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 4th March 2012 on Resonance 104.4 FM Theme: PHANTOMSMASHER ‘Bishop Hopping’ (Ipecac)
1: AQUASERGE “Un Soir De Temp” (Musea)
2: HELLA “Leaving The Arena Of Anthropology/ Im Quitting The Cult” (Ipecac)
4: KAYO DOT “Gamma Knife” (Ice Level Music/Self release)
5: AQUASERGE “Errance” (Musea)
6: TATTIE TOES “Amapola” (Pickled Egg)
7: MORVISCOUS “Claws” (Trestle)
8: HERMANN SZOBEL “Mr Softee” (Laser’s Edge)
9: ZOFT “Shramana”
10:  YOU SLUT! “On The Count Of 13” (Stressed Sumo)
11:  SURPLUS 1980 “M.E.S. Shoe Contact (DKM)

OUTRO: CARDIACS “Wind and Rains Is Cold (Alphabet)


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